Test Bank for Game Coding Complete, Fourth Edition (4th Edition) by Mike Mcshaffry

By: Mike McShaffry , David Graham
ISBN-10: 1133776574
/ ISBN-13: 9781133776574

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Mike McShaffry , David Graham
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Table of content:

1. What is Game Programming Really Like? 2. What’s in a Game? 3. Coding Tidbits and Style That Will Save You. 4. Building Your Game. 5. Game Initialization and Shutdown. 6. Game Actors. 7. Controlling the Main Loop. 8. Loading and Caching Game Data. 9. Programming Input Devices. 10. User Interface Programming. 11. Game Event Management. 12. Scripting with Lua. 13. Game Audio. 14. 3D Graphics Basics. 15. 3D Vertex and Pixel Shaders. 16. 3D Scenes. 17. Collision and Simple Physics. 18. Network Programming Primer. 19. An Introduction to Game AI. 20. Introduction to Multiprogramming. 21. A Game of Teapot Wars! 22. A Simple Game Editor in C#. 23. Debugging Your Game. 24. Driving to the Finish.

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