Test Bank for Foodservice Organizations: A Managerial and Systems Approach (9th Edition) by Mary B. Gregoire

By: Mary B. Gregoire
ISBN-10: 0134038940
/ ISBN-13: 9780134038940

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Authors: Mary B. Gregoire
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Table of contents:

I. The Foodservice Systems Model
1. Systems Approach to a Foodservice Organization
2. Managing Quality
3. The Menu
II. Transformation: Functional Subsystems
4. Food Product Flow and Kitchen Design
5. Procurement
6. Food Production
7. Distribution and Service
8. Safety, Sanitation, and Maintenance
III. Transformation: Management Functions and Linking Processes
9. Management Principles
10. Leadership and Organizational Change
11. Decision Making, Communication, and Balance
12. Management of Human Resources
13. Management of Financial Resources
14. Marketing Foodservice
IV. Outputs of the System
15. Meals, Satisfaction, and Accountability

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