Test Bank for Fiscal Administration 10th Edition by John Mikesell

By: John Mikesell
ISBN-10: 1337515582
/ ISBN-13: 9781337515580

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Edition: 10th Edition
Format: Downloadable ZIP File
Authors: John Mikesell
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Table of contents:

1. Fundamental Principles of Public Finance.
2. The Logic of the Budget Process.
3. Budget Methods and Practices.
4. Federal Budget Structures and Institutions.
5. State and Local Governments.
6. Budget Classifications, Systems, and Reform: Trying to Make Better Choices.
7. Capital Budgeting, Time Value of Money, and Cost-Benefit Analysis: Process, Structure, and Basic Tools.
8. Taxation: Criteria for Evaluating Revenue Options.
9. Major Tax Structures: Income Taxes.
10. Major Tax Structures: Taxes on Goods and Services.
11. Major Tax Structures: Property Taxes.
12. Revenue from User Fees, User Charges, and Sales by Public Monopolies.
13. Revenue Forecasts, Revenue Estimates, and Tax Expenditure Budgets.
14. Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: Diversity and Coordination.
15. Debt Administration.

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