Test Bank for Experience Music! 3e Editon , Charlton

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    List of Boxes

    Prelude: The Fundamentals of Music 
    1 Elements of Music: Sound, Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony
    2 Elements that Structure Music: Key, Texture, and Form
    3 Musical Instruments and Ensembles

    Prelude: The Culture of Medieval Europe 
    4 Medieval Music

    Prelude: The Renaissance: The Rebirth of Humanism 
    5 Renaissance Music

    Prelude: The Triumph of Baroque Style 
    6 Baroque Opera
    7 Cantata
    8 Oratorio
    9 Baroque Solo and Chamber Music
    10 The Baroque Orchestra

    Prelude: The Classical Era: Reason and Revolution 
    11 The Classical Symphony
    12 The Classical Concerto
    13 Classical Chamber Music
    14 Classical Vocal Music
    15 The Music of Beethoven

    Prelude: Music of the Romantic Era
    16 Romantic Songs
    17 Romantic Piano Music
    18 Romantic Program Music
    19 Nationalism in the Romantic Era
    20 The Concert Overture
    21 The Romantic Concerto
    22 Romantic Choral Music
    23 The Late Romantic Symphonies
    24 Romantic Opera in France and Italy
    25 Romantic German Opera

    Prelude: The Early Twentieth Century 
    26 Impressionism and Symbolism
    27 Primitivism and Neoclassicism
    28 Eastern European Nationalism
    29 Germanic Expressionism and the Development of Serialism

    Prelude: American Innovations in the Arts 
    30 American Music Before World War II
    31 Early Jazz Styles
    32 Developments in Jazz in the Late Twentieth Century
    33 American Classical Music Infl uenced by Early Jazz
    34 Twentieth-Century American Classical Styles
    35 Musical Theater
    36 Film Music

    Note: The chapter on Rock Music is available for free download in the Student Edition at www.mhhe/charltonexperience3e.

    Prelude: New Ideas and Styles from Twentieth-Century Internationalism 
    37 World Musics
    38 Post–World War II Innovations
    39 Minimalism

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