Test Bank for Ethics for Life : A Text with Readings (7th Edition) by Judith A. Boss

By: Judith A. Boss
ISBN-10: 1259914275
/ ISBN-13: 9781259914270

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Authors: Judith A. Boss
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Table of Content:

CHAPTER 1: Ethics: An Overview
CHAPTER 2: Moral Reasoning
CHAPTER 3: Conscience and Moral Development
CHAPTER 4: Ethical Subjectivism: Morality Is Just a Matter of Personal Feeling
CHAPTER 5: Divine Command Theory and Civil Religion
CHAPTER 6: Cultural Relativism: Is Morality Dependent on Culture?
CHAPTER 7: Ethical Egoism: Morality Is Acting in Our Best Self-Interest
CHAPTER 8: Utilitarianism: The Greatest Happiness Principle
CHAPTER 9: Natural Law Theory: Morality is Part of Rational Nature
CHAPTER 10: Deontology: The Ethics of Duty
CHAPTER 11: Rights Ethics
CHAPTER 12: Virtue Ethics and the Good Life

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