Test Bank for Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling 6th Edition by Theodore

By: Theodore P. Remley Jr. Barbara P. Herlihy
ISBN-10: 0135183812
/ ISBN-13: 9780135186930

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Edition: 6th Edition
Format: Downloadable ZIP File
Authors: Theodore P. Remley Jr. Barbara P. Herlihy
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Table of contents:

Section 1: Foundations
1. Introduction
2. Professional Identity of Counselors
3. Multiculturalism, Values, Social Justice, and Advocacy
Section 2: Issues
4. Client Rights and Counselor Responsibilities
5. Confidentiality and Privileged Communication
6. Records and Subpoenas
7. Competence, Assessment, and Diagnosis
8. Malpractice and Resolving Legal and Ethical Challenges
9. Boundary Issues
10. Technology in Counseling
11. Counseling Children and Vulnerable Adults
12. Counseling Families and Groups
13. Professional Relationships, Private Practice, and Health Care Plans
14. Issues in Counselor Education
15. Supervision and Consultation
16. Professional Writing, Conducting Research, and Publishing
Appendix A: ACA Code of Ethics
Appendix B: Counseling Disclosure and Agreement Forms
Appendix C: Client Request Form to Transfer Records
Appendix D: Client Permission Form to Record Counseling Session for Supervision Purposes
Appendix E: Guidelines for Counseling Case Notes
Appendix F: Clinical Supervision Model Agreement

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