Test Bank for Elemental Geosystems: (8th Edition) by Robert W. Christopherson

By: Robert W. Christopherson, Ginger Birkeland
ISBN-10: 032198501X
/ ISBN-13: 9780321985019

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Authors: Robert W. Christopherson, Ginger Birkeland
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Table of contents:

1. Essentials of Geography
2. Solar Energy, Seasons, and the Atmosphere
3. Atmospheric Energy and Global Temperatures
4. Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulations
5. Water and Atmospheric Moisture
6. Water Resources
7. Earth’s Climatic Regions
8. Climate Change
9. The Dynamic Planet
10. Tectonics, Earthquakes, and Volcanism
11. Weathering, Karst Landscapes, and Mass Movement
12. River Systems
13. Oceans, Coastal Systems, and Wind Processes
14. Glacial Landscapes and the Cryosphere
15. The Geography of Soils
16. Ecosystem Essentials
17. Biogeography and Terrestrial Biomes

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