Test Bank for Electronic Commerce 2008 (Electronic Commerce) (1st Edition) by Efraim Turban

By: Efraim Turban, Jae Kyu Lee, Judy Mckay, Peter Marshall, Dave King, David King, Efrain Turban
ISBN-10: 0132243318
/ ISBN-13: 9780132243315

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Authors: Efraim Turban, Jae Kyu Lee, Judy Mckay, Peter Marshall, Dave King, David King, Efrain Turban
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Table of content:

Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective 2008
Part 1: Introduction to E-Commerce and E-Marketplaces
Chapter 1 Overview of Electronic Commerce
Chapter 2 E-Marketplaces: Structures, Mechanisms, Economics, and Impacts
Part 2: Internet Consumer Retailing
Chapter 3 Retailing in Electronic Commerce: Products and Services
Chapter 4 Consumer Behavior, Market Research, and Advertisement
Part 3: Business-to-Business E-Commerce
Chapter 5 B2B E-Commerce: Selling and Buying in Private E-Markets
Chapter 6 B2B Exchanges, Directories, and Other Support Services
Chapter 7 E-Supply Chains, Collaborative Commerce, and Corporate Portals
Part 4: Other EC Models and Applications
Chapter 8 Innovative EC Systems: E-Government to E-Learning to C2C
Chapter 9 Mobile Computing and Commerce and Pervasive Computing
Part 5: EC Support Services
Chapter 10 Dynamic Trading: E-Auctions, Bartering, and Negotiations
Chapter 11 E-Commerce Security
Chapter 12 Electronic Payment Systems
Chapter 13 Order Fulfillment, eCRM, and Other Support Services
Part 6: EC Strategy and Implementation
Chapter 14 E-Commerce Strategy and Global EC
Chapter 15 Economics and Justification of Electronic Commerce
Chapter 16 Launching a Successful Online Business and EC Projects
Chapter 17 Legal, Ethical, and Compliance Issues in EC
Chapter 18 Social Networks and Industry Disruptors in the Web 2.0 Environment
Online Part 7 Application Development
Chapter 19 Building E-Commerce Applications and Infrastructure
Online Appendices
A Current EC Research
B Structure and Components of E-Commerce Business Model
C E-Business Planning and Analysis Framework
Technical Appendices
A Infrastructure for Electronic Commerce
B Web Page Design and Creation
C Software (Intelligent) Agents
Online Tutorials
T1 E-Business Plan
T2 Supply Chain Management

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