Test Bank for Economics for Managers 3rd edition, Paul G. Farnham

By: Paul G. Farnham
ISBN-10: 0132773708
/ ISBN-13: 9780132773706

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Authors: Paul G. Farnham
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Table of contents:

1. Managers and Economics
2. Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium Prices
3. Demand Elasticities
4. Techniques for Understanding Consumer Demand and Behavior
5. Production and Cost Analysis in the Short Run
6. Production and Cost Analysis in the Long Run
7. Market Structure: Perfect Competition
8. Market Structure: Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition
9. Market Structure: Oligopoly
10. Pricing Strategies for the Firm
11. Measuring Macroeconomic Activity
12. Spending by Individuals, Firms, and Governments on Real Goods and Services 13. The Role of Money in the Macro Economy
14. The Aggregate Model of the Macro Economy
15. International and Balance of Payments Issues in the Macro Economy
16. Combining Micro and Macro Analysis for Managerial Decision Making

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0132773708
ISBN-13: 978-0132773706
ISBN-13: 9780132773706

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