Test Bank for Dynamics of Mass Communication Media in Transition 12th edition, Joseph Dominick

By: Joseph Dominick
ISBN-10: 0073526193
/ ISBN-13: 9780073526195

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Authors: Joseph Dominick
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Table of contents:

Part I The Nature and History of Mass Communication
Chapter 1 Communication: Mass and Other Forms
Chapter 2 Perspectives on Mass Communication
Chapter 3 Historical and Cultural Context
Part II Media
Chapter 4 Newspapers
Chapter 5 Magazines
Chapter 6 Books
Chapter 7 Radio
Chapter 8 Sound Recording
Chapter 9 Motion Pictures
Chapter 10 Broadcast Television
Chapter 11 Cable, Satellite and Internet Television
Chapter 12 The Internet and the World Wide Web
Part III Specific Media Professions
Chapter 13 News Gathering and Reporting
Chapter 14 Public RelationsChapter 15 Advertising
Part IV Regulation of the Mass Media
Chapter 16 Formal Controls: Laws, Rules, Regulations.
Chapter 17 Ethics and Other Informal Controls
Part V Impact of the Media
Chapter 18 International and Comparative Media Systems
Chapter 19 Social Effects of Mass Communication

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0073526193
ISBN-13: 978-0073526195
ISBN-13: 9780073526195


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