Test Bank for Differential Diagnosis In Primary Care 5Ed (Pb 2012) (5th Edition) by R.Douglas Collins

By: R. Douglas Collins MD FACP
ISBN-10: 1451118252
/ ISBN-13: 9781451118254

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Authors: R. Douglas Collins MD FACP
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Table of content:

A Abdominal Mass Abdominal Mass, Generalized Right Upper Quadrant Mass
B Back Mass Skin Subcutaneous tissue and fascia
C Cardiac Arrhythmias Cardiomegaly Cervical Bruit
D Dandruff Decreased Respirations, Apnea, and Cheyne-Stokes Breathing Delayed Puberty
E Earache Edema of the Extremities Elbow Pain
F Face Mass Facial Pain Facial Paralysis
G Gait Disturbances Gangrene Gigantism
H Halitosis and Other Breath Odors Hallucinations Hand and Finger Pain
I Impotence Incontinence, Urinary Incontinence, Fecal
J Jaundice Jaw Pain Jaw Swelling
K Knee Pain Knee Swelling Kyphosis
L Leg Pain Leukocytosis Leukopenia
M Memory Loss and Dementia Menstrual Cramps Meteorism
N Nail Changes Nasal Discharge Nasal Mass or Swelling
O Obesity Oral or Lingual Mass Orbital Discharge
P Pallor of the Face, Nails, or Conjunctiva Palpitations Papilledema
R Rash, General Rectal Bleeding Rectal Discharge
S Scalp Tenderness Scoliosis Sensory Loss
T Tachycardia Taste Abnormalities Testicular Atrophy
U Unequal Pulses Uremia Urethral Discharge
V Vaginal Bleeding Vaginal Discharge Visible Peristalsis
W Walking Difficulties Weakness and Fatigue, Generalized Weight Loss
Appendix A
The Laboratory Workup of Disease
Appendix B
Answers to Questions from Case Presentations

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