Test Bank for Developing Human Service Leaders 1st Edition, Deborah Harley McClaskey

By: Deborah Harley McClaskey
ISBN-10: 1483393100
/ ISBN-13: 9781483393100

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Authors: Deborah Harley McClaskey
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Table of Contents:

Part I. Leadership Development and Organizational Management at Work in the Human Services Professions
Chapter 1: Leadership in the Human Services and Workplace Vocabulary of Leaders and Managers
Chapter 2: Theories of Leadership and Management: Building A Philosophy of Leadership
Part II. Development of Self and Team
Chapter 3: Self-Management: Understanding Self and Managing Conflic
Chapter 4: Self-Management: Attitude, Values, Ethics, and Trust
Chapter 5: Self-Management: Time, Personal Goals, and Organization
Chapter 6: Organizational Management: Team Building, Management, and Motivation
Chapter 7: Organizational Management: How to Run a Meeting and Decision-making
Part III. Development of Organizations
Chapter 8: Organizational Management: Vision, Mission, and Strategic Planning
Chapter 9: Organizational Management: Strategic Goals and Project Management
Chapter 10: Organizational Management: Processes, Growth Measures, and Performance Excellence
Chapter 11: Self-Management: Communication as: Listening, Presentation, Electronic and Web-Based, and Performance Feedback
Part IV: Influence
Chapter 12: Multicultural Leadership, Politics and Influence, Collaboration, and Social Entrepreneurship
Chapter 13: Prognosis: Your Future Leadership Growth

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 1483393100
ISBN-13: 978-1483393100
ISBN-13: 9781483393100

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