Test Bank for Design of Concrete Structures, (15th Edition) by Arthur H. Nilson

By: David Darwin Director , Charles W. Dolan , Arthur H Nilson
ISBN-10: 0073397946
/ ISBN-13: 9780073397948

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Authors: David Darwin Director , Charles W. Dolan , Arthur H Nilson
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Table of Content:

1) Introduction
2) Materials
3) Design of Concrete Structures and Fundamental Assumptions
4) Flexural Analysis and Design of Beams
5) Shear and Diagonal Tension in Beams
6) Bond, Anchorage, and Development Length
7) Serviceability
8) Analysis and Design for Torsion
10) Slender Columns
11) Analysis of Indeterminate Beams and Frames
12) Analysis and Design of One-Way Slabs
13) Analysis and Design of Two-Way Slabs
14) Walls
15) Footings and Foundations
16) Retaining Walls
18) Design of Reinforcement at Joints
19) Concrete Building Systems
20) Seismic Design
21) Anchoring to Concrete
22) Prestressed Concrete
23) Yield Line Analysis for Slabs – Online Chapter
24) Strip Method for Slabs – Online Chapter
Appendix A – Design Aids
Appendix B – SI Conversion Factors: Inch-Pound Units to SI Units
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