Test Bank for Criminology: A Brief Introduction (1st Edition) by Frank J. Schmalleger

By: Frank J. Schmalleger
ISBN-10: 132340690
/ ISBN-13: 9780132340694

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Authors: Frank J. Schmalleger
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Table of content:

PART I Criminology Explained — The Evil Men (and Women) Do

CHAPTER 1 What Is Criminology? Understanding Crime and Criminals

PART II Crime Causation — What We Do and Why We Do It

Chapter 2 Classical & Neoclassical Criminology: Choice and Consequences
Chapter 3 Biological Roots of Criminal Behavior: It’s What We Are
Chapter 4 Psychological & Psychiatric Foundations of Criminal Behavior
Chapter 5 Social Structure: It’s How We Live
Chapter 6 Social Process and Social Development: It’s What We Learn
Chapter 7 Social Conflict: It’s How We Relate

Part III The Crime Picture: It’s Not Pretty

Chapter 8 Crimes Against Persons: What We Fear
Chapter 9 Crimes against Property: What We Lose
Chapter 10 White-Collar and Organized Crime: Crime as a Job
Chapter 11 Public Order Crime: Recreational Crime

Part IV Crime In the Modern World: Today’s Headlines

Chapter 12 Technology and Crime: It’s a Double-Edged Sword
Chapter 13 Globalization and Terrorism: Our Small World


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