Test Bank for Contemporary Organizational Behavior: From Ideas to Action (1st Edition) by Kimberly D. Elsbach

By: Kimberly D. Elsbach, Anna Kayes, D. Chris Kayes
ISBN-10: 0132555883
/ ISBN-13: 9780132555883

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Authors: Kimberly D. Elsbach, Anna Kayes, D. Chris Kayes
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Table of contents:

Section I. Topic Summaries and Expert Contributions
Topic 1. Introduction to Contemporary Organizational Behavior

The Individual in the Organization
Topic 2. Individual Characteristics
Topic 3. Learning
Topic 4. Perceptions

Leading and Leadership Processes in Organizations
Topic 5. Leadership
Topic 6. Motivation
Topic 7. Power, Influence, and Impression Management
Topic 8. Decision-Making

Interpersonal Processes in Organizations
Topic 9. Groups and Teams
Topic 10. Negotiation
Topic 11. Communication and Diversity

Organizational Processes
Topic 12. Culture
Topic 13. Change, Innovation, Stress
Topic 14. Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainability

Section II. Cases
1. Perceptions of Leaders Following Public Failures: A Tale of Two Coaches
2. The Case of Apple iPhone 4
3. NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity: Can They Reach the Finish Line?
4. Face Time at TechPoint Software Inc.
5. EMERGENCY: We Need a Better Compensation System!
6. Conflict in Santa’s Workshop: Learning to be a Team Player at ToyKing
7. What Ever Happened to One of the “100 Best Companies to Work For?”: A Case Study of Hewlett-Packard
8. “We are Global or We are Nothing” — Conflict and Cover-Up at ColeQuarter Marine

Section III. Exercises
1. Big Five Celebrity Spotlight
2. Creating My Brand
3. My Expat Assignment
4. How Leaders Effect You
5. My Best and Worst Learning Experiences
6. Developing Your Career–Leadership Development in Action
7. Development While in College
8. Facts and Opinions
9. Being Positive
10. Force Field Analysis
11. Bias and Decision-Making
12. Well-Being at Work
13. What Stresses You Out?
14. Laughter Is the Best Medicine
15. Building My Network–Individual
16. Writing a Team Contract
17. Design Your Technology
18. Team Performance Evaluation
19. Overcoming Resistance
20. Employment Branding
21. OD Techniques at Work
22. A Clash of Cultures
23. What’s Your University Culture?
24. Find the Artifacts
25. Back-to-Back Change
26. Social Media Dilemma
27. Develop Your Professional Code
28. Communication Breakdown
29. Diversity Rocks
30. You Can’t Handle the Truth
31. The Ethics of the Climb
32. Mindmapping
33. Could I Be a Whistleblower?
34. Sustainability Practice at Work
35. Who Do I Fire?
36. What are My Values?
37. Team Survival Simulation

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0132555883
ISBN-13: 978-0132555883
ISBN-13: 9780132555883


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