Test Bank for Concepts of Biology (2nd Edition) by Sylvia Mader (Author)

By: ᅡᅠSylvia S. Mader
ISBN-10: 0077350146
/ ISBN-13: 9780077350147

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Authors: ᅡᅠSylvia S. Mader
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Table of content:

Chapter 1: Biology is the Study of LifePart I: Organisms are Composed of CellsChapter 2: Basic Chemistry and Cells Chapter 3: Organic Molecules and CellsChapter 4: Structure and Function of CellsChapter 5: Dynamic Activities of Cells Chapter 6: Pathways of PhotosynthesisChapter 7: Pathways of Cellular RespirationPart II: Genes Control the Traits of OrganismsChapter 8: Cell Division and ReproductionChapter 9: Patterns of Genetic InheritanceChapter 10: Molecular Biology of InheritanceChapter 11: Regulation of Gene ActivityChapter 12: Biotechnology and GenomicsPart III: Organisms are Related and Adapted to their EnvironmentChapter 13: Darwin and EvolutionChapter 14: Speciation and EvolutionChapter 15: The History and Classification of Life on EarthChapter 16: Evolution of Microbial LifeChapter 17: Evolution of ProtistsChapter 18: Evolution of Plants and FungiChapter 19: Evolution of AnimalsChapter 20: Evolution of HumansPart IV: Plants are HomeostaticChapter 21: Plant Organization and HomeostasisChapter 22: Nutrition and Transport in PlantsChapter 23: Regulation of Growth and Responses in PlantsChapter 24: Reproduction and Development of Plants Part V: Animals are HomeostaticChapter 25: Animal Organization and HomeostasisChapter 26: Coordination by Neural SignalingChapter 27: Sense OrgansChapter 28: Locomotion and Support SystemsChapter 29: Circulation and Cardiovascular Systems Chapter 30: Lymph Transport and ImmunityChapter 31: Digestive Systems and NutritionChapter 32: Gas Exchange and Transport in AnimalsChapter 33: Osmoregulation and ExcretionChapter 34: Coordination by Hormone SignalingChapter 35: Reproduction and DevelopmentPart VI: Organisms Live in EcosystemsChapter 36: Population EcologyChapter 37: Behavioral EcologyChapter 38: Community and Ecosystem Ecology Chapter 39: Major Ecosystems of the BiosphereChapter 40: Conservation of Biodiversity

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