Test Bank for Community Nutrition in Action An Entrepreneurial Approach 7th Edition, Marie A.Boyle

By: Marie A.Boyle
ISBN-10: 1305637992
/ ISBN-13: 9781305637993

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Table of contents:

SECTION ONE: Community Nutritionists in Action: Working in the Community.
1. Opportunities in Community Nutrition.
2. Principles of Epidemiology.
3. Understanding and Achieving Behavior Change.
4. Community Needs Assessment.
5. Program Planning for Success.
6. The Art and Science of Policy Making.
7. A National Nutrition Agenda for the Public’s Health.
8. Addressing the Obesity Epidemic: An Issue for Public Health Policy.
9. Health Care Systems and Policy.
SECTION TWO: Community Nutritionists in Action: Delivering Programs.
10. Food Insecurity and the Food Assistance Programs.
11. Mothers and Infants: Nutrition Assessment, Services, and Programs.
12. Children and Adolescents: Nutrition Issues, Services, and Programs.
13. Healthy Aging: Nutrition Assessment, Services, and Programs.
14. Global Food and Nutrition Security: Challenges and Opportunities.
SECTION THREE: Community Nutritionists in Action: Planning Nutrition Interventions.
15. Gaining Cultural Competence in Community Nutrition.
16. Principles of Nutrition Education.
17. Marketing Nutrition and Health Promotion.
18. Managing Community Nutrition Programs.
19. Building Grant smanship Skills.

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 1305637992
ISBN-13: 978-1305637993
ISBN-13: 9781305637993


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