Test Bank for Community Health Nursing in Canada (2nd Edition) by Heather Jessup-Falcioni

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    Table of Contents

    CHAPTER 1 Community Health Nursing
    CHAPTER 2 The Evolution of Community Health Nursing in Canada
    CHAPTER 3 Community Health Nursing in Canada: Settings, Functions, and Roles
    CHAPTER 4 Health Promotion
    CHAPTER 5 Evidence-Informed Practice in Community Health Nursing
    CHAPTER 6 Ethics in Community Health Nursing Practice
    CHAPTER 7 Diversity
    CHAPTER 8 Epidemiological Applications
    CHAPTER 9 Working with Community
    CHAPTER 10 Health Program Planning and Evaluation
    CHAPTER 11 Working with Vulnerable Populations
    CHAPTER 12 Working with Family
    CHAPTER 13 Working with Client as Individual: Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan
    CHAPTER 14 Working with Groups, Teams, and Partners
    CHAPTER 15 Environmental Health
    CHAPTER 16 Disaster Management
    CHAPTER 17 Communicable and Infectious Disease Prevention and Control
    CHAPTER 18 Applications in Working with Specific Aggregates
    APPENDIX 1 Canadian Community Health Nursing Standards of Practice
    APPENDIX 2 CNA Position Statement: “Interprofessional Collaboration”
    APPENDIX 3 CNA Backgrounder: “Social Determinants of Health and Nursing: A Summary of…
    APPENDIX 4 Ethics in Practice for Registered Nurses: Social Justice in Practice
    APPENDIX 5 Declaration of Alma-Ata
    APPENDIX 6 Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion
    APPENDIX 7 Giger and Davidhizar’s Transcultural Assessment Model
    APPENDIX 8 Community-as-Partner Model
    APPENDIX 9 The Calgary Family Assessment Model and the Calgary Family Intervention Mode
    APPENDIX 10 CNA Position Statement: “Nurses and Environmental Health”
    APPENDIX 11 What You Should Know About an Influenza Pandemic
    APPENDIX 12 Non–Vaccine-Preventable Infectious Diseases
    APPENDIX 13 Viral Hepatitis Profiles*


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