Test Bank for Community Health Nursing: Advocacy for Population Health (5th Edition) by Jo Clark Mary

By: Mary Jo Clark
ISBN-10: 131709828
/ ISBN-13: 9780131709829

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Authors: Mary Jo Clark
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Table of Contents

Clark, Community Health Nursing: Advocating for Healthy Populations, 5e
Table of Contents
Unit I The Context for Community Health Nursing
Chapter 1 Community Health Nursing as Advocacy
Chapter 2 The Population Context
Chapter 3 The Historical Context
Chapter 4 The Theoretical Context
Chapter 5 The Global Health Context ****NEW CHAPTER****
Chapter 6 The Economic Context
Chapter 7 The Cultural Context
Chapter 8 The Environmental Context
Unit II Approaches to Community Health Nursing
Chapter 9 Health Promotion
Chapter 10 Case Management
Chapter 11 Community Empowerment ****NEW CHAPTER****
Unit III Care of Special Populations
Chapter 12 Care of Families
Chapter 13 Care of Communities
Chapter 14 Meeting the Health Needs of Child and Adolescent Populations
Chapter 15 Meeting the Health Needs of Women
Chapter 16 Meeting the Health Needs of Men
Chapter 17 Meeting the Health Needs of Older Clients
Chapter 18 Meeting the Health Needs of Poor and Homeless Populations
Unit IV Care of Populations in Specialized Settings
Chapter 19 Care of Clients in the Home Setting
Chapter 20 Care of Clients in Official and Voluntary Health Agencies
Chapter 21 Care of Clients in the School Setting
Chapter 22 Care of Clients in Work Settings
Chapter 23 Care of Clients in Urban and Rural Settings
Chapter 24 Care of Clients in Correctional Settings
Chapter 25 Care of Clients in Disaster Settings
Unit V Population Health Issues
Chapter 26 Communicable Diseases
Chapter 27 Chronic Disease
Chapter 28 Substance Abuse
Chapter 29 Community Mental Health
Chapter 30 Societal Violence
Appendix B Information on Selected Communicable Diseases
Appendix C Selected Cultural Beliefs, Behaviors, and Practices
Appendix D Nursing Interventions for Common Health Problems in Children and Adolescents


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