Test Bank for College Physics (7th Edition) by Jerry D. Wilson

By: Jerry D. Wilson, Anthony J. Buffa, Bo Lou
ISBN-10: 321571118
/ ISBN-13: 9780321571113

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Authors: Jerry D. Wilson, Anthony J. Buffa, Bo Lou
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Table of Contents

1. Measurement and Problem Solving
2. Kinematics: Description of Motion
3. Motion in Two Dimensions
4. Force and Motion
5. Work and Energy
6. Linear Momentum and Collisions
7. Circular Motion and Gravitation
8. Rotational Motion and Equilibrium
9. Solids and Fluids
10. Temperature and Kinetic Theory
11. Heat
12. Thermodynamics
13. Vibrations and Waves
14. Sound
15. Electric Charge, Forces, and Fields
16. Electric Potential, Energy, and Capacitance
17. Electric Current and Resistance
18. Basic Electric Circuits
19. Magnetism
20. Electromagnetic Induction and Waves
21. AC Circuits
22. Reflection and Refraction of Light
23. Mirrors and Lenses
24. Physical Optics: The Wave Nature of Light
25. Vision and Optical Instruments
26. Relativity
27. Quantum Physics
28. Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics
29. The Nucleus
30. Nuclear Reactions and Elementary Particles


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