Test Bank for Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques, (7th Edition) by Anne Griffin Perry

By: Anne G. Perry
ISBN-10: 323052894
/ ISBN-13: 9780323052894

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Authors: Anne G. Perry
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Table of contents:

Unit 1: Supporting the Client through the Health Care System
1. Using Evidence in Nursing Practice NEW!
2. Admission, Transfer, and Discharge
3. Communication
4. Reporting and Recording
Unit 2: Vital Signs and Physical Assessment
5. Vital Signs
6. Health History and Physical Examination
Unit 3: Infection Control
7. Medical Asepsis
8. Sterile Technique
Unit 4: Activity and Mobility
9. Safe Patient Handling-Transfer and Positioning
10. Exercise and Ambulation
11. Orthopedic Measures
12. Support Surfaces and Special Beds
Unit 5: Safety and Comfort
13. Safety
14. Disaster Preparedness
15. Pain Assessment and Basic Comfort Measures
16. Palliative Care
Unit 6: Hygiene
17. Personal Hygiene and Bedmaking
18. Pressure Ulcer Care
19. Care of Eye and Ear Prosthesis
Unit 7: Medications
20. Preparing for Medicine Administration
21. Oral and Topical Medications
22. Parenteral Medications
Unit 8: Oxygenation
23. Oxygen Therapy
24. Performing Chest Physiotherapy
25. Airway Management
26. Closed Chest Drainage Systems
27. Emergency Measures for Life Support
Unit 9: Fluid Balance
28. Intravenous and Vascular Access Therapy
29. Blood Transfusions
Unit 10: Nutrition
30. Oral Nutrition
31. Enteral Nutrition
32. Parenteral Nutrition
Unit 11: Elimination
33. Urinary Elimination
34. Bowel Elimination
35. Ostomy Care
Unit 12: Care of Surgical Client
36. Preoperative and Postoperative Care
37. Intraoperative Care
Unit 13: Dressings and Wound Care
38. Wound Care and Irrigations
39. Dressings, Binders and Bandages
40. Warm and Cold Therapy
Unit 14: Home Care
41. Home Care Safety
42. Home Care Teaching
Unit 15: Special Procedures
43. Specimen Collection
44. Diagnostic Procedures


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