Test Bank for Clinical Chemistry Theory Analysis Correlation 5th edition by Lawrence A. Kaplan

By: Lawrence A. Kaplan (Editor), Amadeo J. Pesce
ISBN-10: 323036589
/ ISBN-13: 9780323036580

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Authors: Lawrence A. Kaplan (Editor), Amadeo J. Pesce
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Table of contents:

Part I: Laboratory Techniques and Laboratory Management
1. Basic Laboratory Principles and Techniques
2. Spectral Techniques
3. Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry: Theory, Practice, and Instrumentation
4. Chromatographic Techniques
5. Laboratory Analysis of Hemoglobin Variants NEW!
6. Electrophoresis
7. Immunological Reactions
8. Immunochemical Techniques
9. Principles for Competitive-Binding Assays
10. Laboratory Approaches to Serology Testing NEW!
11. Measurement of Colligative Properties
12. Electrochemistry: Principles and Measurement
13. Molecular Diagnostics
14. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
15. Clinical Enzymology
16. Protein Isoforms: Isoenzymes and Isoforms
17. Interferences in Chemical Analysis
18. Sources and Control of Preanalytical Variation
19. Laboratory Management
20. Laboratory Automation
21. Point-of-Care (Near-Patient) Testing
22. Laboratory Information Systems
23. Laboratory Statistics
24. Reference Intervals and Clinical Decision Limits
25. Quality Control in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
26. Evaluation of Methods
Part II: Physiology and Pathophysiology
27. Basic Biochemistry
28. Physiology of Body Water and Electrolytes
29. Acid-Base Control and Acid-Base Disorders
30. Renal Function
31. Liver Function
32. Viral Hepatitis: Diagnosis and Monitoring NEW!
33. Bone Disease
34. The Pancreas: Function and Chemical Pathology
35. Gastrointestinal Function
36. Cardiac and Muscle Disease
37. Coronary Artery Disease: Lipid Metabolism
38. Diabetes
39. Iron, Porphyrin, and Bilirubin Metabolism
40. Hemoglobin
41. Human Nutrition
42. Trace Metals
43. Vitamins
44. Pregnancy
45. The Newborn
46. Extravascular Biological Fluids
47. Nervous System
48. General Endocrinology
49. Thyroid
50. The Gonads
51. Adrenal Hormones and Hypertension
52. Diseases of Genetic Origin
53. Neoplasia
54. Laboratory Evaluation of the Transplant Recipient
55. Toxicology
56. Addiction and Substance Abuse


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