Test Bank for Choosing Success 2nd Edition, Rhonda Atkinson, Debbie Longman

By: Rhonda Atkinson, Debbie Longman
ISBN-10: 0078020948
/ ISBN-13: 9780078020940

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Authors: Rhonda Atkinson, Debbie Longman
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Choosing Success focuses on how good decision-making skills determine success in all aspects of life. From study skills to money management, Choosing Success applies active and service learning techniques as well as the 5C decision-making model to prepare students for success.
By incorporating a decision-making focus into every chapter, Choosing Success emphasizes accountability and conveys to students how important they are in their own success. Students do not merely become successful, but rather they choose to be successful.

Choice starts with the decision to acquire a secondary education, and from then on everything students do is based on their decision-making skills. The more they practice good decision making, the more control they have over their successes and failures. Choosing Success is unique in that it provides students with a process for decision making as well as numerous opportunities to think through the choices and decisions they face as a college student-and beyond.

Table of contents:

CHAPTER ONE – First Steps to Choosing Success
CHAPTER TWO – Interacting with Your College Community
CHAPTER THREE – Deciding to Know Yourself
CHAPTER FOUR – Choosing Goals for College and Life
CHAPTER FIVE – Decisions for Managing Time
CHAPTER SIX – Choices for Succeeding in Class and Online Courses
CHAPTER SEVEN – Choosing to Read Actively
CHAPTER EIGHT – Decisions about Study and Test Taking
CHAPTER NINE – Making Choices about Today’s Technology
CHAPTER TEN – Making Financial Decisions
CHAPTER ELEVEN – Choosing Health and Wellness
CHAPTER TWELVE – Exploring Career Options and Opportunities

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0078020948
ISBN-13: 978-0078020940
ISBN-13: 9780078020940

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