Test Bank for Children's Thinking (5th Edition) by David F. Bjorklund

By: David F. Bjorklund
ISBN-10: 1111346054
/ ISBN-13: 9781111346058

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Authors: David F. Bjorklund
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Table of content:

1. An Introduction to Cognitive Development.
2. Biological Bases of Cognitive Development.
3. The Social Construction of Mind: Sociocultural Perspectives on Cognitive Development.
4. Infant Perception and Cognition.
5. Thinking in Symbols: The Development of Representation.
6. The Development of Folk Knowledge.
7. Learning to Think on Their Own: Executive Function.
8. Memory Development.
10. Social Cognition.
11. Schooling and Cognition.
12. Approaches to the Study of Intelligence.
13. Origins, Modification, and Stability of Intellectual Differences.

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