Test Bank for Child Development: A Thematic Approach (6th Edition) by Danuta Bukatko

By: Danuta Bukatko, Marvin W. Daehler
ISBN-10: 618608656
/ ISBN-13: 9780618608652

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Authors: Danuta Bukatko, Marvin W. Daehler
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Table of content:

1. Themes and Theories.
2. Studying Child Development.
3. Genetics and Heredity.
4. The Prenatal Period and Birth.
5. Brain, Motor Skill, and Physical Development.
6. Basic Learning and Perception.
7. Language.
8. Cognition.
9. Social Cognition.
10. Achievement.
11. Emotion.
12. Self and Values.
13. Gender.
14. The Family.
15. Peers.
16. Beyond Family and Peers.

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