Test Bank for Chemistry: Structure and Properties (2nd Edition) by Nivaldo J. Tro

By: Nivaldo J Tro
ISBN-10: 0134293932
/ ISBN-13: 9780134293936

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Authors: Nivaldo J Tro
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Table of contents:

E. Measurement, Problem Solving, and the Mole Concept
1. Atoms
2. The Quantum-Mechanical Model of the Atom
3. Periodic Properties of the Elements
4. Molecules and Compounds
5. Chemical Bonding I: Drawing Lewis Structures and Determining Molecular Shapes
6. Chemical Bonding II: Valence Bond Theory and Molecular Orbital Theory
7. Chemical Reactions and Chemical Quantities
8. Introduction to Solutions and Aqueous Reactions
9. Thermochemistry
10. Gases
11. Liquids, Solids, Intermolecular Forces, and Phase Diagrams
12. Crystalline Solids and Modern Materials
13. Solutions
14. Chemical Kinetics
15. Chemical Equilibrium
16. Acids and Bases
17. Aqueous Ionic Equilibrium
18. Free Energy and Thermodynamics
19. Electrochemistry
20. Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry
21. Organic Chemistry
22. Transition Metals and Coordination Compounds
Appendix I: Common Mathematical Operations in Chemistry
Appendix II: Useful Data
Appendix III: Answers to Selected Exercises
Appendix IV: Answers to In-Chapter Practice Problems

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