Test Bank for CHEM 2 Chemistry in Your World 2nd Edition, John L.Hogg

By: John L.Hogg
ISBN-10: 113396298X
/ ISBN-13: 9781133962984

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Authors: John L.Hogg
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Table of contents:

1. Living in a World of Chemistry.
2. The Chemical View of Matter.
3. Atoms and the Periodic Table.
4. The Air We Breathe.
5. Chemical Bonding and States of Matter.
6. Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect.
7. Chlorofl uorocarbons and the Ozone Layer.
8. Chemical Reactivity: Chemicals in Action.
9. Acid–Base Reactions.
10. Oxidation–Reduction Reactions.
11. Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink?
12. Energy and Hydrocarbons.
13. Nuclear Changes and Nuclear Power.
14. Organic Chemicals and Polymers.
15. The Chemistry of Life.
16. Nutrition: The Basis of Healthy Living.
17. Chemistry and Medicine.
18. The Chemistry of Useful Materials.
19. Feeding the World.

Product Description:

Language: English
ISBN-10: 113396298X
ISBN-13: 978-1133962984
ISBN-13: 9781133962984


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