Test Bank for Canadian Income Taxation Canadian 19th Edition, William Buckwold, Joan Kitunen

By: William Buckwold, Joan Kitunen
ISBN-10: 1259273091
/ ISBN-13: 9781259273094

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Authors: William Buckwold, Joan Kitunen
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Table of contents:

PART 1: A Planning and Decision-Making Approach to Taxation
Chapter 1: Taxation – Its Role in Decision Making
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Tax Planning

PART 2: An Overview of Income Determination and Tax for the Two Primary Entities
Chapter 3: Liability for Tax, Income Determination, and Administration of the Income Tax System
Chapter 4: Income from Employment
Chapter 5: Income from Business
Chapter 6: The Acquisition, Use, and Disposal of Depreciable Property
Chapter 7: Income from Property
Chapter 8: Gains and Losses on the Disposition of Capital Property – Capital Gains
Chapter 9: Other Income, Other Deductions, and Special Rules for Completing Net Income for Tax Purposes
Chapter 10: Individuals: Determination of Taxable Income and Taxes Payable
Chapter 11: Corporations – An Introduction

PART 3: The Corporate Structure
Chapter 12: Organization, Capital Structures, and Income Distributions of Corporations
Chapter 13: The Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation
Chapter 14: Multiple Corporations and Their Reorganization

PART 4: Other Forms of Business Organization
Chapter 15: Partnerships
Chapter 16: Limited Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Chapter 17: Trusts

PART 5: Selected Topics
Chapter 18: Business Acquisitions and Divestitures – Assets versus Shares
Chapter 19: Business Acquisitions and Divestitures – Tax-Deferred Sales
Chapter 20: Domestic and International Business Expansion
Chapter 21: Tax Aspects of Corporate Financing

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 1259273091
ISBN-13: 978-1259273094
ISBN-13: 9781259273094

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