Test Bank for Canadian Business English 7th By Cathy Patricia

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    Table of contents:

    Unit 1: Laying a Foundation
    Chapter 1: Parts of Speech
    Chapter 2: Sentences: Elements, Patterns, and Faults

    Unit 2: Knowing the Namers
    Chapter 3: Nouns
    Chapter 4: Possessive Nouns
    Chapter 5: Personal Pronouns
    Chapter 6: Pronouns and Antecedents

    Unit 3: Showing the Action
    Chapter 7: Verbs: Kinds, Voices, Moods
    Chapter 8: Verb Tenses and Parts
    Chapter 9: Subject–Verb Agreement
    Chapter 10: Verbals

    Unit 4: Modifying and Connecting Words
    Chapter 11: Modifiers: Adjectives and Adverbs
    Chapter 12: Prepositions
    Chapter 13: Conjunctions to Join Equals
    Chapter 14: Conjunctions to Join Unequals

    Unit 5: Punctuating Sentences
    Chapter 15: Commas
    Chapter 16: Semicolons and Colons
    Chapter 17: Other Punctuation

    Unit 6: Writing With Style
    Chapter 18: Capitalization
    Chapter 19: Numbers
    Chapter 20: Effective Sentences


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