Test Bank for C++ How to Program: Late Objects Version (7th Edition) by Harvey M. Deitel

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    <h3>Table of content:</h3>
    1. Introduction to Computers, the Internet and the World Wide Web
    2. Introduction to C++ Programming
    3. Control Statements: Part 1
    4. Control Statements: Part 2
    5. Functions and an Introduction to Recursion
    6. Arrays and Vectors
    7. Pointers
    8. Sequential-Access Files
    9. Classes
    10. Classes: A Deeper Look
    11. Operator Overloading
    12. Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance
    13. Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism
    14. Templates
    15. Stream Input/Output
    16. Exception Handling
    17. Random-Access Files
    18. Class String and String Stream Processing
    19. Searching and Sorting
    20. Data Structures
    21. Standard Template Library (STL)
    Appendix A. Operator Precedence and Associativity
    Appendix B. ASCII Character Set
    Appendix C. Fundamental Types
    Chapters 22—27 and Appendices D—I are PDF documents posted online at the book’s Companion Website (located at

    Chapters on the Web
    22. Bits, Characters, C Strings and structs
    23. Boost Libraries, Technical Report 1 and C++0x
    24. Other Topics
    25. ATM Case Study, Part 1: Object-Oriented Design with the UML
    26. ATM Case Study, Part 2: Implementing an Object-Oriented Design
    27. Game Programming with Ogre
    Appendices on the Web
    D. Number Systems
    E. Preprocessor
    F. C Legacy Code Topics
    G. UML 2: Additional Diagram Types
    H. Using the Visual Studio Debugger
    I. Using the GNU C++ Debugger


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