Test Bank for Business Statistics (1st Edition) by Robert A. Donnelly

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    Table of contents:

    Chapter 1. Introduction to Business Statistics
    Chapter 2. Displaying Descriptive Statistics
    Chapter 3. Calculating Descriptive Statistics
    Chapter 4. Introduction to Probabilities
    Chapter 5. Discrete Probability Distributions
    Chapter 6. Continuous Probability Distributions
    Chapter 7. Sampling and Sampling Distributions
    Chapter 8. Confidence Intervals
    Chapter 9. Hypothesis Testing with One Population
    Chapter 10. Hypothesis Testing with Two Population
    Chapter 11. Analysis of Variance
    Chapter 12. Chi-Square Tests
    Chapter 13. One and Two Population Variance Tests
    Chapter 14. Correlation and Simple Regression
    Chapter 15. Multiple Regression
    Chapter 16. Forecasting


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