Test Bank for Business Ethics: A Real World Approach: 1st Edition,Andrew W. Ghillyer


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Chapter 1: Understanding Ethics

  • Understanding ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’
  • ‘Doing the Right Thing’
  • The Golden Rule
  • Ethical Theories
  • Ethical Relativism
  • Ethical Dilemmas

Case 1.1 The Overcrowded Lifeboat

Case 1.2 Sophie’s Choice

Case 1.3 Jean Valjean’s Conscience

  • Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
  • Ethical Reasoning

Discussion Exercise 1.1: Life and Death

Discussion Exercise 1.2: The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

Chapter 2: Defining Business Ethics

  • Who are the Stakeholders?
  • An ethical crisis – is Business Ethics an Oxymoron?

Case 2.1 ‘Ethics Schmethics’

  • The History of Business Ethics
  • ‘Doing the Right Thing’
  • Resolving an Ethical Dilemma

Case 2.2 What to Say to the Man Let Go?

  • Justifying Unethical Behavior
  • Building and Operating an Ethical Business

Discussion Exercise 2.1: $2500

Discussion Exercise 2.2: Nick Zane


Chapter 3: Organizational Ethics

  • Defining Organizational Ethics
  • The Ethics of R&D

Case 3.1 A Firm Production Date

  • Ethics in Manufacturing

Case 3.2 The Ford Pinto

  • Ethics in Marketing
  • Ethics in Human Resources
  • Ethics in Finance
  • Ethical Challenges
  • So when does it start to go wrong?

Discussion Exercise 3.1: Johnson & Johnson and the Tylenol Poisonings

Discussion Exercise 3.2: WorldCom’s Creative Accounting

Chapter 4: Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Management Without Conscience
  • Management By Inclusion

Case 4.1 Malden Mills

  • The Driving Force Behind CSR

Case 4.2 Banning The Real Thing

  • The Triple Bottom Line
  • Jumping on the CSR bandwagon

Discussion Exercise 4.1: Wal-Mart

Discussion Exercise 4.2: The Pesticide DDT

Chapter 5: Corporate Governance

  • What does Corporate Governance Look Like?
  • In Pursuit of Corporate Governance
  • ‘Comply or Explain’ or ‘Comply or Else’
  • ‘In the know’ or ‘in the dark’?

Case 5.1 A Case of Two Boards

  • The Chairman and The CEO
  • Effective Corporate Governance
  • 22 Questions for Diagnosing Your Board
  • The Dangers of a Corporate Governance Checklist

Case 5.2 Richard Grasso and the NYSE

  • A Fiduciary Responsibility

Discussion Exercise 5.1: HealthSouth

Discussion Exercise 5.2: Barings PLC

Chapter 6: The Role of Government

  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • The Defense Industry Initiatives
  • The US Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  • Revised Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations

Case 6.1 The Bribery Gap

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Case 6.2 An Unethical Way to Fix Corporate Ethics?

Discussion Exercise 6.1: SOX-POX?

Discussion Exercise 6.2: Stamford International, Inc.

Chapter 7: Blowing the Whistle

  • Defining whistleblowing.
  • The Ethics of whistleblowing.

Case 7.1 The Insider

  • The Year of the whistleblower.

Case 7.2 The Cold Hard Reality

  • A duty to respond
  • Whistleblowing as a last resort

Discussion Exercise 7.1: Whistle Blowing and the Professional

Discussion Exercise 7.2: James Alderson

Chapter 8: Ethics & Technology

  • Do You Know Where Your Personal Information Is?

Case 8.1 A Failure to Disclose

  • The Promise of Increased Worker Productivity
  • The Employer Position
  • The Employee Position
  • The Dangers of Leaving a Paper Trail
  • Vicarious Liability
  • The Right to Privacy – Big Brother is in the House!

Case 8.2 Top 20 Blonde Jokes

  • Big Brother is Here to Stay

Discussion Exercise 8.1: Stumbling over G-mail

Discussion Exercise 8.2: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)


Chapter 9: Ethics & Globalization

  • Ethics in Developed Nations
  • Ethics in ‘Less-Developed Nations’

Case 9.1 Questionable Payments

  • The Pursuit of Global Ethics

Case 9.2 What is a Global Business?

  • Enforcing Global Ethics
  • Conclusion

Discussion Exercise 9.1: Conscience or the Competitive Edge?

Discussion Exercise 9.2: Soccer Balls Made for Children by Children?

Chapter 10: Making it Stick: Doing What’s Right in a Competitive Market

  • Making it Stick

Case 10.1 What would Julie do?

Case 10.2 Just a small favor

  • Becoming a Transparent Organization

Case 10.3 To Be Or Not To Be

  • Conclusion

Discussion Exercise 10.1: Romp

Discussion Exercise 10.2: The Transformation of Shell

Discussion Exercise 10.3: Erin Brockovich and PG&E

Discussion Exercise 10.4: Mazda’s Dilemma



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