Test Bank for Burtons Microbiology for the Health Sciences (9th Edition) by Paul G. Engelkirk

By: Paul G. Engelkirk, Janet L. Duben-Engelkirk
ISBN-10: 1605476730
/ ISBN-13: 9781605476735

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Authors: Paul G. Engelkirk, Janet L. Duben-Engelkirk
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Table of Contents

Section I Introduction to Microbiology
Chapter 1: Microbiology- The Science
Chapter 2: Viewing the Microbial World

Section II Introduction to Microbes and Cellular Biology
Chapter 3: Cell Structure and Taxonomy
Chapter 4: Microbial Diversity, Part 1: Acellular and Procaryotic Microbes
Chapter 5: Microbial Diversity,Part 2: Eucaryotic Microbes

Section III Chemical and Genetic Aspects of Microorganisms
Chapter 6: Biochemistry: The Chemistry of Life
Chapter 7: Microbial Physiology and Genetics

Section IV Controlling the Growth of Microbes
Chapter 8: Controlling Microbial Growth In Vitro
Chapter 9: Controlling Microbial Growth In Vivo Using Antimicrobial Agents

Section V Environmental and Applied Microbiology
Chapter 10: Microbial Ecology and Microbial Biotechnology
Chapter 11: Epidemiology and Public Health

Section VI Microbiology Within Healthcare Facilities
Chapter 12: Healthcare Epidemiology
Chapter 13: Diagnosing Infectious Diseases

Section VII Pathogenesis and Host Defense Mechanisms
Chapter 14: Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases
Chapter 15: Nonspecific Host Defense Mechanisms
Chapter 16: Specific Host Defense Mechanisms: An Introduction to Immunology

Section VIII Major Infectious Diseases of Humans
Chapter 17: Overview of Infectious Diseases
Chapter 18: Viral Infections
Chapter 19: Bacterial Infections
Chapter 20: Fungal Infections
Chapter 21: Parasitic Infections


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