Test Bank for Biology:Concepts and Investigations 3th edition Hoefnagels
Test Bank for Biology: Concepts and Investigations the 3th Edition

Test Bank for Biology:Concepts and Investigations 3th edition Hoefnagels


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Product Description

Title:  Biology: Concepts and Investigations

Edition: 3rd Edition

Author(s): Mariëlle Hoefnagels Dr.

ISBN : 0073403474

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Table of content

Unit 1: Science, Chemistry, and Cells 1. The Scientific Study of Life 2. The Chemistry of Life 3. Cell Structure and Function 4. The Energy of Life 5. Photosynthesis 6. How Cells Release Energy Unit 2: Biotechnology, Genetics, and Inheritance 7. DNA Structure and Gene Function 8. DNA Replication, Mitosis, and the Cell Cycle 9. Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis 10. Patterns of Inheritance Unit 3: The Evolution of Life 11. The Forces of Evolutionary Change 12. Evidence of Evolution 13. Speciation and Extinction 14. The Origin and History of Life Unit 4: The Diversity of Life 15. Viruses 16. Bacteria and Archaea 17. Protists 18. Plants 19. Fungi 20. Animals Unit 5: Plant Life 21. Plant Form and Function 22. Plant Nutrition and Transport 23. Reproduction and Development of Flowering Plants Unit 6: Animal Life 24. Animal Tissues and Organ Systems 25. The Nervous System 26. The Senses 27. The Endocrine System 28. The Skeletal and Muscular Systems 29. The Circulatory System 30. The Respiratory System 31. Digestion and Nutrition 32. Regulation of Temperature and Body Fluids 33. The Immune System 34. Animal Reproduction and Development Unit 7: The Ecology of Life 35. Animal Behavior 36. Population Ecology 37. Communities and Ecosystems 38. The Biosphere 39. Preserving Biodiversity

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