Test Bank for Biology The Dynamic Science 3rd Edition, Peter J.Russell, Paul E.Hertz, Beverly McMillan

By: Peter J.Russell, Paul E.Hertz, Beverly McMillan
ISBN-10: 1133587550
/ ISBN-13: 9781133587552

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Authors: Peter J.Russell, Paul E.Hertz, Beverly McMillan
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Table of contents:

Ch 1: Introduction to Biological Concepts and Research
Ch 2: Life, Chemistry, and Water
Ch 3: Biological Molecules: The Carbon Compounds of Life
Ch 4: Energy, Enzymes, and Biological Reactions
Ch 5: The Cell: An Overview
Ch 6: Membranes and Transport
Ch 7: Cell Communication
Ch 8: Harvesting Chemical Energy: Cellular Respiration
Ch 9: Photosynthesis
Ch 10: Cell Division and Mitosis
Ch 11: Meiosis: The Cellular Basis of Sexual Reproduction
Ch 12: Mendel, Genes, and Inheritance
Ch 13: Genes, Chromosomes, and Human Genetics
Ch 14: DNA Structure, Replication, and Organization
Ch 15: From DNA to Protein
Ch 16: Regulation of Gene Expression
Ch 17: Bacterial and Viral Genetics
Ch 18: DNA Technologies: Analyzing and Modifying Genes
Ch 19: Genomes and Proteomes
Ch 20: Development of Evolutionary Thought
Ch 21: Microevolution: Genetic Changes within Populations
Ch 22: Speciation
Ch 23: Paleobiology and Macroevolution
Ch 24: Systematics and Phylogenetics: Revealing the Tree of Life
Ch 25: The Origin of Life
Ch 26: Prokaryotes: Bacteria and Archaea
Ch 27: Protists
Ch 28: Seedless Plants
Ch 29: Seed Plants
Ch 30: Fungi
Ch 31: Animal Phylogeny, Acoelomates, and Protostomes
Ch 32: Deuterostomes: Vertebrates and Their Closest Relatives
Ch 33: The Plant Body
Ch 34: Transport in Plants
Ch 35: Plant Nutrition
Ch 36: Reproduction and Development in Flowering Plants
Ch 37: Plant Signals and Responses to the Environment
Ch 38: Introduction to Animal Organization and Physiology
Ch 39: Information Flow and the Neuron
Ch 40: Nervous Systems
Ch 41: Sensory Systems
Ch 42: The Endocrine System
Ch 43: Muscles, Bones, and Body Movements
Ch 44: The Circulatory System
Ch 45: Defenses against Disease
Ch 46: Gas Exchange: The Respiratory System
Ch 47: Animal Nutrition
Ch 48: Regulating the Internal Environment
Ch 49: Animal Reproduction
Ch 50: Animal Development
Ch 51: Ecology and the Biosphere
Ch 52: Population Ecology
Ch 53: Population Interactions and Community Ecology
Ch 54: Ecosystems
Ch 55: Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
Ch 56: Animal Behavior

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 1133587550
ISBN-13: 978-1133587552
ISBN-13: 9781133587552


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