Test bank for Biology: Life on Earth (12th Edition) by Gerald Audesirk

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    Table of contents:

    Biology Life on Earth, 12th Edition includes Chapters 1-31
    Biology Life on Earth with Physiology, 12th Edition includes Chapters 1-46
    1 An Introduction to Life on Earth
    UNIT 1
    The Life of the Cell
    2 Atoms, Molecules, and Life
    3 Biological Molecules
    4 Cell Structure and Function
    5 Cell Membrane Structure and Function
    6 Energy Flow in the Life of a Cell
    7 Capturing Solar Energy: Photosynthesis
    8 Harvesting Energy: Glycolysis and Cellular Respiration
    UNIT 2
    9 Cellular Reproduction
    10 Meiosis: The Basis of Sexual Reproduction
    11 Patterns of Inheritance
    12 DNA: The Molecule of Heredity
    13 Gene Expression and Regulation
    14 Biotechnology
    UNIT 3
    Evolution and Diversity of Life
    15 Principles of Evolution
    16 How Populations Evolve
    17 The Origin of Species
    18 The History of Life
    19 Systematics: Seeking Order Amid Diversity
    20 The Diversity of Prokaryotes and Viruses
    21 The Diversity of Protists
    22 The Diversity of Plants
    23 The Diversity of Fungi
    24 Animal Diversity I: Invertebrates
    25 Animal Diversity II: Vertebrates
    UNIT 4
    Behavior and Ecology
    26 Animal Behavior
    27 Population Growth and Regulation
    28 Community Interactions
    29 Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycling in Ecosystems
    30 Earth’s Diverse Ecosystems
    31 Conserving Earth’s Biodiversity
    UNIT 5
    Animal Anatomy and Physiology
    32 Homeostasis and the Organization of the Animal Body
    33 Circulation
    34 Respiration
    35 Nutrition and Digestion
    36 The Urinary System
    37 Defenses Against Disease
    38 Chemical Control of the Animal Body: The Endocrine System
    39 The Nervous System
    40 The Senses
    41 Action and Support: The Muscles and Skeleton
    42 Animal Reproduction
    43 Animal Development
    UNIT 6
    Plant Anatomy and Physiology
    44 Plant Anatomy and Nutrient Transport
    45 Plant Reproduction and Development
    46 Plant Responses to the Environment


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