Test Bank for Biology: How Life Works (1st Edition) by James R. Morris

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    1. Life: Chemical, Cellular, and Evolutionary Foundations

    Case 1 The First Cell: Life’s Origins

    2. The Molecules of Life
    3. Nucleic Acids and the Encoding of Biological Information
    4. Translation and Protein Structure
    5. Organizing Principles: Lipids, Membranes and Cell Compartments
    6. Making Life Work: Capturing and Using Energy
    7. Cellular Respiration: Harvesting Energy from Carbohydrates and Other Fuel Molecules
    8. Photosynthesis: Using Sunlight to Build Carbohydrates

    Case 2 Cancer: When Good Cells Go Bad

    9. Cell Communication
    10. Cell Form and Function: Cytoskeleton, Cellular Junctions, and Extracellular Matrix
    11. Cell Division: Variations, Regulation, and Cancer

    Case 3 You, from A to T: Your Personal Genome

    12. DNA Replication and Manipulation
    13. Genomes
    14. Mutation and DNA Repair
    15. Genetic Variation
    16. Mendelian Inheritance
    17. Beyond Mendel: Sex Chromosomes, Linkage, and Organelles
    18. The Genetic and Environmental Basis of Complex Traits
    19. Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation
    20. Genes and Development

    Case 4 Malaria: Coevolution of Human and a Parasite

    21. Evolution: How Genotypes and Phenotypes Change Over Time
    22. Species and Speciation
    23. Evolutionary Patterns: Phylogeny and Fossils
    24. Human Origins and Evolution
    25. Cycling Carbon

    Case 5 The Human Microbiome: Diversity Within

    26. Bacteria and Archaea
    27. Eukaryotic Cells: Origins and Diversity
    28. Being Multicellular

    Case 6 Agriculture: Feeding a Growing Population

    29. Plant Structure and Function: Moving Photosynthesis onto Land
    30. Plant Reproduction: Finding Mates and Dispersing Young
    31. Plant Growth and Development: Building the Plant Body
    32. Plant Defense: Keeping with World Green
    33. Plant Diversity
    34. Fungi: Structure, Function, and Diversity

    Case 7 Predator-Prey: A Game of Life and Death

    35. Animal Nervous Systems
    36. Animal Sensory Systems and Brain Function
    37. Animal Movement: Muscles and Skeletons
    38. Animal Endocrine Systems
    39. Animal Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
    40. Animal Metabolism, Nutrition, and Digestion
    41. Animal Renal Systems: Water and Waste
    42. Animal Reproduction and Development
    43. Animal Immune Systems

    Case 8 Biodiversity Hotspots: Rainforests and Coral Reefs

    44. Animal Diversity
    45. Animal Behavior
    46. Population Ecology
    47. Species Interactions, Communities, and Ecosystems
    48. The Anthropocene: Humans as a Planetary Force


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