Test Bank for Biological Psychology (10th Edition) by James W. Kalat

By: James W. Kalat
ISBN-10: 495603007
/ ISBN-13: 9780495603009

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Authors: James W. Kalat
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Table of content:

1. The Major Issues.
2. Nerve Cells and Nerve Impulses.
3. Synapses. 4. Anatomy of the Nervous System.
5. Development and Plasticity of the Brain.
6. Vision.
7. Other Sensory Systems.
8. Movement.
9. Wakefulness and Sleep.
10. Internal Regulation.
11. Reproductive Behaviors.
12. Emotional Behaviors.
13. The Biology of Learning and Memory.
14. Cognitive Functions.
15. Psychological Disorders. Appendix A: Brief, Basic Chemistry. Appendix B: Society for Neuroscience Policies on the Use of Animals and Human Subjects in Neuroscience Research.

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