Test Bank for Biochemistry: A Short Course (4th Edition) by Jeremy M. Berg

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/ ISBN-13: 9781319114633

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Table of Contents

PART I The Molecular Design of Life.- SECTION 1 Biochemistry Helps Us Understand Our World.- 1. Biochemistry and the Unity of Life
2. Water, Weak Bonds, and the Generation of Order Out of Chaos.- SECTION 2 Protein Composition and Structure
3. Amino Acids
4. Protein Three-Dimensional Structure
5. Techniques in Protein Biochemistry.- SECTION 3 Basic Concepts and Kinetics of Enzymes
6. Basic Concepts of Enzyme Action
7. Kinetics and Regulation
8. Mechanisms and Inhibitors
9. Hemoglobin, an Allosteric Protein.- SECTION 4 Carbohydrates and Lipids
10. Carbohydrates
11. Lipids SECTION 5 Cell Membranes, Channels, Pumps, and Receptors
12. Membrane Structure and Function
13. Signal-Transduction Pathways.- PART II Transducing and Storing Energy.- SECTION 6 Basic Concepts and Design of Metabolism
14. Digestion: Turning a Meal into Cellular Biochemicals
15. Metabolism: Basic Concepts and Design.- SECTION 7 Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis
16. Glycolysis
17. Gluconeogenesis.- SECTION 8 The Citric Acid Cycle
18. Preparation for the Cycle
19. Harvesting Electrons from the Cycle.- SECTION 9 Oxidative Phosphorylation
20. The Electron-Transport Chain
21. The Proton-Motive Force.- SECTION 10 The Light Reactions of Photosynthesis and the Calvin Cycle
22. The Light Reactions
23. The Calvin Cycle.- SECTION 11 Glycogen Metabolism and the Pentose Phosphate Pathway
24. Glycogen Degradation
25. Glycogen Synthesis
26.The Pentose Phosphate Pathway.- SECTION 12 Fatty Acid and Lipid Metabolism
27. Fatty Acid Degradation
28. Fatty Acid Synthesis
29. Lipid Synthesis: Storage Lipids, Phospholipids, and Cholesterol.- SECTION 13 The Metabolism of Nitrogen-Containing Molecules
30. Amino Acid Degradation and the Urea Cycle
31. Amino Acid Synthesis
32. Nucleotide Metabolism.- PART III Synthesizing the Molecules of Life.- SECTION 14 Nucleic Acid Structure and DNA Replication
33. The Structure of Informational Macromolecules: DNA and RNA
34. DNA Replication
35. DNA Repair and Recombination.- SECTION 15 RNA Synthesis, Processing, and Regulation
36. RNA Synthesis and Regulation in Bacteria
37. Gene Expression in Eukaryotes
38. RNA Processing in Eukaryotes.- SECTION 16 Protein Synthesis and Recombinant DNA Techniques
39. The Genetic Code. 40. The Mechanism of Protein Synthesis
41. Recombinant DNA Techniques.

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