Test Bank for Beginning and Intermediate Algebra with Power Learning, (Mathematics) (4th Edition) by Sherri Messersmith

By: Sherri Messersmith
ISBN-10: 0073512915
/ ISBN-13: 9780073512914

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Authors: Sherri Messersmith
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About the Authors
Brief Contents
Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 The Real Number System and Geometry
Study Strategies: The P.O.W.E.R. Framework
Section 1.1 Review of Fractions
Section 1.2 Exponents and Order of Operations
Section 1.3 Geometry Review
Section 1.4 Sets of Numbers and Absolute Value
Section 1.5 Addition and Subtraction of Real Numbers
Section 1.6 Multiplication and Division of Real Numbers
Section 1.7 Algebraic Expressions and Properties of Real Numbers
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Measuring Your Math Confidence
Chapter 1 Summary
Chapter 1 Review Exercises
Chapter 1 Test
CHAPTER 2 Rules of Exponents
Study Strategies: Reading Math (and Other) Textbooks
Section 2.1 Basic Rules of Exponents
Part A: The Product Rule and Power Rules
Part B: Combining the Rules
Section 2.2 Integer Exponents
Part A: Real-Number Bases
Part B: Variable Bases
Section 2.3 The Quotient Rule
Putting It All Together
Section 2.4 Scientific Notation
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Discover Your Reading Style
Chapter 2 Summary
Chapter 2 Review Exercises
Chapter 2 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-2
CHAPTER 3 Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable
Study Strategies: Time Management
Section 3.1 Solving Linear Equations Part I
Section 3.2 Solving Linear Equations Part II
Section 3.3 Applications of Linear Equations
Section 3.4 Applications Involving Percents
Section 3.5 Geometry Applications and Solving Formulas
Section 3.6 Applications of Linear Equations to Proportions, Money Problems, and d 55=rt
Section 3.7 Linear Inequalities in One Variable
Section 3.8 Compound Inequalities in One Variable
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Find Your Time Style
Chapter 3 Summary
Chapter 3 Review Exercises
Chapter 3 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-3
CHAPTER 4 Linear Equations in Two Variables and Functions
Study Strategies: Taking Notes in Class
Section 4.1 Introduction to Linear Equations in Two Variables
Section 4.2 Graphing by Plotting Points and Finding Intercepts
Section 4.3 The Slope of a Line
Section 4.4 The Slope-Intercept Form of a Line
Section 4.5 Writing an Equation of a Line
Section 4.6 Introduction to Functions
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Evaluate Your Class Notes
Chapter 4 Summary
Chapter 4 Review Exercises
Chapter 4 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-4
CHAPTER 5 Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Study Strategies: Taking Math Tests
Section 5.1 Solving Systems by Graphing
Section 5.2 Solving Systems by the Substitution Method
Section 5.3 Solving Systems by the Elimination Method
Putting It All Together
Section 5.4 Applications of Systems of Two Equations
Section 5.5 Solving Systems of Three Equations and Applications
Section 5.6 Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using Matrices
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Studying Smart
Chapter 5 Summary
Chapter 5 Review Exercises
Chapter 5 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-5
CHAPTER 6 Polynomials
Study Strategies: Doing Math Homework
Section 6.1 Review of the Rules of Exponents
Section 6.2 Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials
Section 6.3 Multiplication of Polynomials
Section 6.4 Division of Polynomials
Group Activity
emPOWERme: The Right Time and Place for Homework
Chapter 6 Summary
Chapter 6 Review Exercises
Chapter 6 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-6
CHAPTER 7 Factoring Polynomials
Study Strategies: Making Academic Choices
Section 7.1 The Greatest Common Factor and Factoring by Grouping
Section 7.2 Factoring Trinomials of the Form x2 + bx + c
Section 7.3 Factoring Trinomials of the Form ax2 + bx + c (a 1)
Section 7.4 Factoring Special Trinomials and Binomials
Putting It All Together
Section 7.5 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
Section 7.6 Applications of Quadratic Equations
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Identify Major Attractions
Chapter 7 Summary
Chapter 7 Review Exercises
Chapter 7 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-7
CHAPTER 8 Rational Expressions
Study Strategies: Coping with Stress
Section 8.1 Rational Expressions and Functions
Section 8.2 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
Section 8.3 Finding the Least Common Denominator
Section 8.4 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
Putting It All Together
Section 8.5 Simplifying Complex Fractions
Section 8.6 Solving Rational Equations
Section 8.7 Applications of Rational Equations
Section 8.8 Variation
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Determine Your Risk for Stress-Related Illness
Chapter 8 Summary
Chapter 8 Review Exercises
Chapter 8 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-8
CHAPTER 9 More Equations and Inequalities
Study Strategies: Working with Technology
Section 9.1 Absolute Value Equations
Section 9.2 Absolute Value Inequalities
Section 9.3 Linear and Compound Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Information, Please!
Chapter 9 Summary
Chapter 9 Review Exercises
Chapter 9 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-9
CHAPTER 10 Radicals and Rational Exponents
Study Strategies: Working with a Study Group
Section 10.1 Finding Roots
Section 10.2 Rational Exponents
Section 10.3 Simplifying Expressions Containing Square Roots
Section 10.4 Simplifying Expressions Containing Higher Roots
Section 10.5 Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Radicals
Section 10.6 Dividing Radicals
Putting It All Together
Section 10.7 Solving Radical Equations
Section 10.8 Complex Numbers
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Form a Study Group
Chapter 10 Summary
Chapter 10 Review Exercises
Chapter 10 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-10
CHAPTER 11 Quadratic Equations
Study Strategies: Creating Visuals
Section 11.1 Review of Solving Equations by Factoring
Section 11.2 The Square Root Property and Completing the Square
Section 11.3 The Quadratic Formula
Putting It All Together
Section 11.4 Equations in Quadratic Form
Section 11.5 Formulas and Applications
Group Activity
emPOWERme: What’s Your Learning Style?
Chapter 11 Summary
Chapter 11 Review Exercises
Chapter 11 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-11
CHAPTER 12 Functions and Their Graphs
Study Strategies: Developing Financial Literacy
Section 12.1 Relations and Functions
Section 12.2 Graphs of Functions and Transformations
Section 12.3 Quadratic Functions and Their Graphs
Section 12.4 Applications of Quadratic Functions and Graphing Other Parabolas
Section 12.5 Quadratic and Rational Inequalities
Section 12.6 The Algebra of Functions
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Determine Your Saving Style
Chapter 12 Summary
Chapter 12 Review Exercises
Chapter 12 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-12
CHAPTER 13 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Study Strategies: Using the Internet for Studying
Section 13.1 Inverse Functions
Section 13.2 Exponential Functions
Section 13.3 Logarithmic Functions
Section 13.4 Properties of Logarithms
Section 13.5 Common and Natural Logarithms and Change of Base
Section 13.6 Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Should You Use the Internet to Supplement Your Learning?
Chapter 13 Summary
Chapter 13 Review Exercises
Chapter 13 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-13
CHAPTER 14 Conic Sections, Nonlinear Systems, and Nonlinear Inequalities
Study Strategies: Improving Your Memory
Section 14.1 The Circle
Section 14.2 The Ellipse and the Hyperbola
Putting It All Together
Section 14.3 Nonlinear Systems of Equations
Section 14.4 Second-Degree Inequalities and Systems of Inequalities
Group Activity
emPOWERme: Memory Devices
Chapter 14 Summary
Chapter 14 Review Exercises
Chapter 14 Test
Cumulative Review for Chapters 1-14
Answers to Exercises

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