Test Bank for Basic Mathematics for Electricity and Electronics and Workbook (8th Edition) by Mitchel E. Schultz

By: Mitchel Schultz , Bertrard Singer , Harry Forster
ISBN-10: 28050223
/ ISBN-13: 9780028050225

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Authors: Mitchel Schultz , Bertrard Singer , Harry Forster
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Electricity
Chapter 2 Simple Electric Circuits
Chapter 3 Formulas
Chapter 4 Series Circuits
Chapter 5 Parallel Circuits
Chapter 6 Combination Circuits
Chapter 7 Electric Power
Chapter 8 Algebra for Complex Electric Circuits
Chapter 9 Kirchoff’s Laws
Chapter 10 Applications for Series and Parallel Circuits
Chapter 11 Efficiency
Chapter 12 Resistance of Wire
Chapter 13 Size of Wiring
Chapter 14 Trigonometry for Alternating-Current Electricity
Chapter 15 Introduction to AC Electricity
Chapter 16 Inductance and Transformers
Chapter 17 Capacitance
Chapter 18 Series AC Circuits
Chapter 19 Parallel AC Circuits
Chapter 20 Alternating-Current Power
Chapter 21 Three-Phase Systems
Chapter 22 Three-Phase Transformer Connections
Chapter 23 Mathematics for Logic Controls
Chapter 24 Signal Distribution

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