Test Bank for Basic Business Statistics (11th Edition) by Mark L. Berenson

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    Table of contents:

    1 Introduction and Data Collection
    2 Presenting Data in Tables and Charts
    3 Numerical Descriptive Measures
    4 Basic Probability
    5 Some Important Discrete Probability Distributions
    6 The Normal Distribution and Other Continuous Distributions
    7 Sampling Distributions and Sampling
    8 Confidence Interval Estimation
    9 Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Tests
    10 Two-Sample Tests
    11 Analysis of Variance
    12 Chi-Square Tests and Nonparametric Tests
    13 Simple Linear Regression
    14 Introduction to Multiple Regression
    15 Multiple Regression Model Building
    16 Time-Series Forecasting and Index Numbers
    17 Decision Making
    18 Statistical Applications in Quality Management
    Appendices A-F
    Self-Test Solutions and Answers to Selected Even-Numbered Problems
    Student CD-ROM Topics
    5.6 Using the Poisson Distribution to Approximate the Binomial Distribution CD5-1
    7.6 Sampling from Finite Populations CD7-1
    8.7 Estimation and Sample Size Determination for Finite Populations CD8-1
    12.10 Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Tests
    15.6 Influence Analysis
    16.9 The Holt-Winters Method for Trend-Fitting and Forecasting


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