Test Bank for Basic Allied Health Statistics and Analysis, (4th Edition) by Gerda Koch

By: Gerda Koch
ISBN-10: 1133602703
/ ISBN-13: 9781133602705

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Authors: Gerda Koch
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Table of content:

1. Statistical Terminology and Health Care Data.
2. Health Care Overview and Patient Data Collection.
3. Mathematical Review.
4. Census.
5. Percent of Occupancy.
6. Length of Stay and Discharge Days.
7. Hospital Mortality Rates.
8. Obstetrical-Related Rates.
9. Autopsy Rates.
10. Miscellaneous Rates.
11. Vital Statistics Data and Rates.
12. Frequency Distribution.
13. Measures of Central Tendency and Variation.
14. Data Presentation.
15. Fundamentals of Research
Appendix I: Glossary.
Appendix II: Formulae.
Appendix III: Abbreviations.
Appendix IV: Answers to the Self-Tests & Chapter Tests.
Appendix V: Quick-Reference Service Classification Categories.

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