Test Bank for Applied Statistics From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques, 2nd Edition,

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    Chapter 1. Review of Basic Concepts
    Chapter 2. Basic Statistics, Sampling Error, and Confidence Intervals
    Chapter 3. Statistical Significance Testing
    Chapter 4. Preliminary Data Screening
    Chapter 5. Comparing Group Means Using the Independent Samples t Test
    Chapter 6. One-Way Between-Subjects Analysis of Variance
    Chapter 7. Bivariate Pearson Correlation
    Chapter 8. Alternative Correlation Coefficients
    Chapter 9. Bivariate Regression
    Chapter 10. Adding a Third Variable: Preliminary Exploratory Analyses
    Chapter 11. Multiple Regression With Two Predictor Variables
    Chapter 12. Dummy Predictor Variables in Multiple Regression
    Chapter 13. Factorial Analysis of Variance
    Chapter 14. Multiple Regression With More Than Two Predictors
    Chapter 15. Moderation: Tests for Interaction in Multiple Regression
    Chapter 16. Mediation
    Chapter 17. Analysis of Covariance
    Chapter 18. Discriminant Analysis
    Chapter 19. Multivariate Analysis of Variance
    Chapter 20. Principal Components and Factor Analysis
    Chapter 21. Reliability, Validity, and Multiple-Item Scales
    Chapter 22. Analysis of Repeated Measures
    Chapter 23. Binary Logistic Regression
    Appendix A: Proportions of Area Under a Standard Normal Curve
    Appendix B: Critical Values for t Distribution
    Appendix C: Critical Values of F
    Appendix D: Critical Values of Chi-Square
    Appendix E: Critical Values of the Pearson Correlation Coefficient
    Appendix F: Critical Values of the Studentized Range Statistic
    Appendix G: Transformation of r (Pearson Correlation) to Fisher Z


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