Test Bank for Applied Physics: (11th Edition), by Dale Ewen

By: Dale Ewen, Neill Schurter , Erik Gundersen
ISBN-10: 0134159381
/ ISBN-13: 9780134159386

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Dale Ewen, Neill Schurter , Erik Gundersen
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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1.    The Physics Tool Kit

Chapter 2.    Problem Solving

Chapter 3.    Vectors

Chapter 4.    Motion

Chapter 5.    Force

Chapter 6.    Momentum

Chapter 7.    Concurrent and Parallel Forces

Chapter 8.    Work and Energy

Chapter 9.    Rotational Motion

Chapter 10.  Simple Machines

Chapter 11.  Universal Gravitation and Satellite Motion

Chapter 12.  Matter

Chapter 13.  Fluids

Chapter 14.  Temperature and Heat Transfer

Chapter 15.  Properties of Gases

Chapter 16.  Wave Motion and Sound

Chapter 17.  Basic Electricity

Chapter 18.  Magnetism

Chapter 19.  Alternating Current Electricity

Chapter 20.  Light

Chapter 21.  Reflection and Refraction

Chapter 22.  Color

Chapter 23.  Survey of Modern Physics

Chapter 24.  Special and General Relativity

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0134159381
ISBN-13: 978-0134159386
ISBN-13: 9780134159386

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