Test Bank for Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease: An Interactive Journey for Health Professions (2nd Edition) by Bruce J. Colbert

By: Bruce J. Colbert, Jeff J. Ankney, Karen T. Lee
ISBN-10: 132865661
/ ISBN-13: 9780132865661

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Authors: Bruce J. Colbert, Jeff J. Ankney, Karen T. Lee
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Table of contents:

1. Anatomy, Physiology and Disease: Learning the Language
2. The Human Body: Reading the Map
3. Biochemistry: The Ingredients of Life
4. The Cells: The Raw Materials and Building Blocks
5. Tissues and Systems: The Inside Story
6. The Skeletal System: The Framework
7. The Muscular System: Movement for the Journey
8. The Integumentary System: The Protective Covering
9. The Nervous System: The Body’s Control Center
10. The Endocrine System: The Body’s Other Control Center
11. The Senses: The Sights and Sounds
12. The Cardiovascular System: Transport and Supply
13. The Respiratory System: It’s a Gas
14. The Lymphatic and Immune Systems: Your Defense Systems
15. The Gastrointestinal System: Fuel for the Trip
16. The Urinary System: Filtration and Fluid Balance
17. The Reproductive System: Replacement and Repair
18. Basic Diagnostic Tests: Assessing the Systems
19. The Journey’s End: Now What? The Study Success Companion: The Key to Your Successful Journey
Appendix A: Medical Terminology Word Parts and Singular and Plural Endings
Appendix B: Clinical Abbreviations and “Do Not Use” List
Appendix C: Infectious Diseases and Their Pathogens
Appendix D: Laboratory Reference Values
Appendix E: Multi-System Effects of Various Diseases and Conditions
Appendix F: Vitamins and Minerals: Sources, Functions and Effects of Deficiency and Toxicity
Appendix G: Standard and Transmission Based Precautions

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