Test Bank for American Corrections 10th Edition, Todd R.Clear, Michael D.Reisig and George F.Cole

By: Todd R.Clear, Michael D.Reisig and George F.Cole
ISBN-10: 1133049737
/ ISBN-13: 9781133049739

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Todd R.Clear, Michael D.Reisig and George F.Cole
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1. The Corrections System
Chapter 2. The Early History of Correctional Thought and Practice
Chapter 3. The History of Corrections in America
Chapter 4. The Punishment of Offenders
Chapter 5. The Law of Corrections
Chapter 6. The Correctional Client
Chapter 7. Jails: Detention and Short-Term Incarceration
Chapter 8. Probation
Chapter 9. Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections
Chapter 10. Incarceration
Chapter 11. The Prison Experience
Chapter 12. Incarceration of Women
Chapter 13. Institutional Management
Chapter 14. Institutional Programs
Chapter 15. Release from Incarceration
Chapter 16. Making It: Supervision in the Community
Chapter 17. Corrections for Juvenile Offenders
Chapter 18. Incarceration Trends
Chapter 19. Race, Ethnicity, and Corrections
Chapter 20. The Death Penalty
Chapter 21. Surveillance and Control in the Community
Chapter 22. Community Justice

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 1133049737
ISBN-13: 978-1133049739
ISBN-13: 9781133049739

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