Test Bank for Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy, and Design (3rd Edition) by Jean M. Grow

By: Jean M. Grow, Tom Altstiel, Third Edition, Thomas B. Altstiel
ISBN-10: 1452203636
/ ISBN-13: 9781452203638

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Authors: Jean M. Grow, Tom Altstiel, Third Edition, Thomas B. Altstiel
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Table of contents:

1. Copy, Design, and Creativity: The Nature of Our Business
2. Strategy and Branding: Putting a Face on a Product
3. Legal and Ethical Issues: Doing the Right Thing
4. Issues: The Times They Are A-Changin’
5. International Advertising: It’s a Global Marketplace
6. Concepting: What’s the Big Idea?
7. Design: Worth a Thousand Words
8. Campaigns: Synergy and Integration
9. Headlines and Taglines: First Get Their Attention
10. Body Copy: Writing for Readers
11. Print: Writing for Reading
12. Radio and Television: Interruptions that Sell
13. Digital: Second Screen, Third Screen, and Beyond
14. Social Marketing: Creating Communities That Buy
15. Direct Response Marketing: Hitting the Bullseye
16. Beyond Media: Everybody Out of the Box
17. Business-to-Business: Selling Along the Supply Chain
18. Survival Guide: Landing Your First Job and Thriving

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