Test Bank for Advanced Accounting (1st Edition) by Dennis M. Bline

By: Dennis M. Bline, Mary L. Fischer, Ted D. Skekel
ISBN-10: 471327751
/ ISBN-13: 9780471327752

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Authors: Dennis M. Bline, Mary L. Fischer, Ted D. Skekel
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Table of content:

Chapter 1. Introduction to Business Combinations. Chapter
2. Consolidation at the Date of Acquisition. Chapter
3. Consolidation Subsequent to the Date of Acquisition. Chapter
4. Intercompany Transactions. Chapter
5. Foreign Currency Transactions. Chapter
6. Foreign Currency Financial Statements. Chapter
7. Partnership Formation, Operation, and Change in Ownership. Chapter
8. Partnership Liquidation. Chapter 9. Nongovernment not-for-Profit Organizations. Chapter
10. State and Local Governments: Overview, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, and Government-Wide Statements. Chapter
11. State and Local Governments: Accounting and Financial Reporting for Fund Groups. Chapter
12. Government Colleges and Universities: Accounting and Reporting. Supplement A. A Quick Guide to Accessing Databases for the Professional Accountant. Supplement B. Special-Purpose Entities. Glossary. Index.

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