Test Bank for ADTs, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++ (2nd Edition) by Larry R. Nyhoff

By: Larry R. Nyhoff
ISBN-10: 0131409093
/ ISBN-13: 9780131409095

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Authors: Larry R. Nyhoff
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Table of contents:

1. Software Engineering.
2. Introduction to Data Structures and Abstract Data TypesÑC-Style Types.
3. Procedural Programming, Structures, and Classes.
4. Standard I/O and String Classes.
5. Lists.
6. Stacks.
7. Queues.
8. Templates and Standard Containers.
9. Recursion and Algorithm Analysis.
10. More Linked Lists.
11. Binary Trees and Hash Tables.
12. Sorting.
13. OOP and ADTs.
14. Trees.
15. Graphs and Digraphs.
Appendix A: ASCII Character Set.
Appendix B: Number Systems.
Appendix C: Basic C++.
Appendix D: Other C++ Features.
Appendix E: Answers to Quick Quizzes.

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